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The End Was The Beginning

After Tustin's death, a Memorial Tribute was held in Santa Monica, California on October 21, 1995. Initiated and coordinated by Dr. Judith Mitrani, the conference was sponsored by the Psychoanalytic Center of California’s Continuing Education Committee, and was ably introduced and moderated by PCC President Elect John Lundgren, MD. 

The audience of over ninety mental health workers was addressed by six speakers: Drs. James Grotstein, Charlotte Riley, and Judith Mitrani of Los Angeles; Dr. Victoria Hamilton of England, Ms. Maria Pozzi of Italy and Dr. David Rosenfeld of Argentina -- all of whom had a direct connection with Mrs. Tustin.

  The hall where the meeting took place was decorated with portraits of Tustin in her youth, at the beginning of her career, up to the month before her death. A video of her BBC Interview with Alexander Newman of the Squiggle Foundation in London was on view at the reception table, where copies of all of Tustin’s books -- generously donated for the occasion by her publishers, Karnac and Routledge -- were available to participants for purchase.

A Written Memorial

After the Memorial Conference, Drs. Theodore and Judith Mitrani began the work of collecting, editing and translating scientific contributions from all over the world to add to the papers presented at the Memorial Tribute to comprise a Festschrift for Frances Tustin. Subsequently, Encounters with Autistic States: A Memorial Tribute to Frances Tustin was published and released by Jason Aronson in 1997.

The Establishment of The FTM Trust

The proceeds from the Memorial, from sales of Tustin's own books, from the sale of the Mitrani's book, and some small donations from individuals enabled the establishment of The The Frances Tustin Memorial Trust to subsidize and administer a special perpetual fund to support an Annual Frances Tustin Memorial Prize (FTMP) of $1,000 and a Lectureship to be presented each year to the author of an outstanding paper, utilizing, explicating and extending Tustin's seminal ideas. These papers focus on the psychoanalytic work with ASD and autistic states in children, adolescents and adults.

For over twenty years, the Trust has awarded the FTM Prize to and has hosted the presentation of the award winning paper in Los Angeles. The recipients of this award have been Suzanne Maiello of Rome, Italy, Maria Rhode of London, England, Maria Pozzi of London, England, Paul Barrows of Bristol, England, Vincenzo Bonaminio of Rome, Italy, Didier Houzel of Caen, France, Bianca Lechevalier of Caen France, Jeffrey Eaton of Seattle Washington, Celia Fix Korbivcher of São Paulo, Brazil, Alina Schellekes of Kiriat-Ono, Israel, Dana Amir, of Haifa, Israel, Dolan Powers, of Boston MA, Ofra Eshel of Tel-Aviv, Israel, and Mark Howard of Sydney, Australia.

Our sincere thanks go to those American members who have served on The Board of Trustees and have graciously given us their time and dedication throughout the first two decades of the existence of the FTM Trust: Among those we leave behind are Patty Antin, JoAnn Culbert-Koehn, Jeffrey Eaton, Janis Goldman, James Gooch, Avedis Panajian, Naomi Thorpe and Leigh Tobias. Continuing here in France are Theodore Mitrani, Maria Rhode and Founding Chair Judith Mitrani, who will be joined by Dominique Amy, Bernard Golse, Didier Houzel, Bianca Lechevalier and Alain Vanier to continue the work of the Trust in France beginning in 2017.

The Future

The Trust currently has well over one hundred members, including the British Psycho-Analytic Society. Our members come from The USA, all over Europe, The UK, Israel, Japan and South America. Lifetime Membership in the FTM Trust can still be obtained by any individual/couple/family or institution for a one-time donation of $250.

Added to the Annual Lectures, the FTM Trust has also sponsored International three-day conferences on the work of Frances Tustin in London, England in October of 2004, in Caen, France in April of 2005, in Venice, Italy in October of 2006, at The IPA Congress in Berlin Germany in July of 2007, in Tel-Aviv Israel in 2008, in Berlin, Germany in 2010, in Sydney Australia in 2012, and in Boston, MA, USA in 2014. Since 2015, The Trust has been in the process of moving to Paris, France and has been fortunate to be able to establish relationships with several esteemed organization that have agreed to become our new Co-Sponsors.

Our most heartfelt gratitude goes out to Didier Houzel, Bernard Golse, Bianca Lechevalier, Hélène Suarez Labat, Dominique Amy, Alain Vanier, Geneviéve Haag, Maria Rhode, Theodore Mitrani who worked arduously to help form these new partnerships with our current sponsors: l’Université à Paris Descartes (V), La Société Psychanalytique de Paris (SPP), Le Coordination Internationale entre Psychothérapeutes Psychanalystes et Membres Associée (CIPPA), L’espace Analytique (EA), and Le Journal de La Psychanalyse de L’Enfant (JPE).

L'Universitè Paris Descartes (V)
Sociètè Psychanalytique de Paris (SPP)
Le Coordination Internationale entre Psychothérapeutes Psychanalystes et Membres Associée (CIPPA)
Espace Analytique(EA)
Le Journal de La Psychanalyse de L'Enfant (JPE)